Frequently Asked Questions

What is the WOBC?

The WOBC is an organization that promotes women in business on a daily basis to their audience of over 4.8 million via LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.


What do I receive with membership?

For the annual and lifetime memberships you will receive posts daily to LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, a rotating banner ad on the front page of our website; as well as being recognized as “spotlight”of the month in our newsletter. As a WOBC Member you also get discounted pricing for WOBC Marketing Products and for ads placed in WOBC Magazine as well as the opportunity to write for WOBC Magazine.


Do you allow duplicate sales representatives?

Yes, we allow duplicate sales representatives. What we do is about you and your business.


What does it cost to join?
The WOBC annual membership is $69 and the lifetime is $499. The annual price renews each year at the price you joined therefore your annual membership will never go up. For example if you joined WOBC when our prices were $49 a year then that is your lock in rate for as long as your are a member. If you join WOBC as a Lifetime Member you never pay a membership fee again.


Where do I join?
Go to the Join tab on our website or go to


Why should I join the WOBC?

To get more people to your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. As well as add searchable visibility to your brand. Promote your products, promotions, services, books, blogs, websites, events and websites.

Do you have other services not included in the WOBC membership?

Yes, we have other services such as, Press Release and Promotion advertising. You must first be a WOBC member to sign up for these extra services located in our member center:


How can I change the banner ad on the WOBC front page?

If you are a current WOBC member and would like to update or change your banner, you would need to go to the Member Center at: 

How do I pay for my membership?

To pay for a WOBC membership you would need to go to the Join tab and complete a member join form. Once you complete that form, you will be directed to the payment page. After the payment is received you entered into the system and we will then start promoting you within 24 hours.

Can I change the business that I joined WOBC under?

No, if your business becomes inactive you must rejoin under the new business name. You can not change your membership to a completely different business name or company. Each membership involves new internal platform work and promoting. 

Can I get a refund if my business becomes inactive?
There are no refunds. If you business becomes inactive please notify us so we can stop promoting you.

What is your referral program?

When you refer a member to join the WOBC, tell them to type in your name in the area where it says, "How did  you hear about the WOBC?" Every time you refer a new member,  you will receive a banner ad and link to your website in the WOBC monthly newsletter. There are no limits on how many times you can refer.

Have a question that is not listed?
Email us at


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