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Carla Bass

CEO at Orlean Press
Marshall Virginia 20115


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Business Orlean Press
Logo Orlean Press Company Logo by Carla Bass in Marshall VA
Position CEO
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Phone Number 540-364-2946
Marshall, VA 20115
United States

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  • Business, Marketing, Reference, Self-Help
  • Mission
  • To empower people by teaching them to write powerfully. Why? Powerful writing changes lives. It opens doors to opportunity that would have otherwise remained closed.
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  • Carla D. Bass (CEO of Orlean Press) is an award-winning author, who retired as a colonel after a 30-year career in the Air Force. During this time, she worked directly with general officers, ambassadors, congressional delegations, and foreign dignitaries.

    She wrote hundreds of personnel appraisals, award nominations, and other competitive packages; letters for executive-level signature; and elevator speeches and executive memoranda, much of which was sent to Congress.

    She composed and delivered succinct presentations to individuals for whom five minutes was significant. As a lieutenant, she wrote and delivered daily briefings to the Director, National Security Agency. In all instances, every word and each second of the audience’s time counted.

    Carla witnessed how poor writing impeded careers of her deserving troops. She developed 10 writing techniques, composed a handbook on powerful writing, transformed it into an acclaimed one-hour workshop, taught her troops to write, and transformed the most losing unit in the state into the one to beat!

    She then taught powerful writing to thousands of Air Force personnel for 15 years. Carla still receives testimonials how her techniques opened doors to opportunity and changed lives.

    Her assignments included Germany; Korea; Hawaii; Turkey; and Bulgaria, where she served as the Air and Defense Attaché.

    She recently began her 10th year working for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, where she has written letters the Director sent to the President of the United States and letters sent to members of Congress.

    Carla and her husband, Lynn Reeves, now enjoy life with friends in the beautiful Virginia countryside.

More About Carla Bass

Our nation is facing a crisis.  The Washington Post published an article on 11 Aug ... "Why can’t college graduates write coherent prose?"  The author doesn't refer to fiction.  People entering the workforce simply can't write effectively nor can many already therein.  

The paras below are extracted from a letter I sent -- coincidentally on 11 Aug -- to Governor McAuliffe, Senators Warner and Kaine, and Congressman Garrett.

The problem: Writing powerfully is no longer taught in our schools – middle school thru graduate school. As a result, poor writing (bureaucratic blather) is rampant throughout the workplace, both military and civilian. It hinders career progression for talented individuals and impedes efficient operations, eroding financial bottom lines for corporations and private businesses.

The Solution“Write to Influence!” can help. Part 1 teaches 10 tools to craft powerful sentences; Part 2 conveys strategies to build a compelling case; Part 3 places these tools/strategies in the context of resumes, presentations, and email; Part 4 contains 100 exercises in the format of Before/After/Analysis. The book is tailored for students (high school thru graduate school), individuals entering or already in the workforce, business owners, NGOs, the scientific community, and the military … essentially anyone who must leverage the written word to achieve a goal. It is light-hearted and entertaining … and exceedingly effective. Reminiscent of that spoonful of sugar! While "Write to Influence!" can't solve this problem decades in the making, it is a tremendous first step ... if given a chance.  Dozens of reviews and testimonials confirm this.

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